Dear friends of the ChildrenArts project!

Please accept my sincere thanks for your incredible support!

Thanks to you that 35,000 children, who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances, received coloring books and drawing kits, and were able to distract themselves from the war, from their forced travels, and plunge into the creative process, at least for a while.

First of all, my humble bow to all the caring people who have donated their own funds and continue to do so. There are many of you, and more and more every day. But we remember everyone, you see these names in our reports. Without you, we would not be able to print books and buy pencils, felt-tip pens and wax crayons.

M y special thanks to our creative group, artists and authors who create beautiful and interesting coloring pages: Lyudmila Kharlamova, Yulia Kashapova, Svitlana Hololob, Svitlana Lipova, as well as Maxim Vereschak, Maria Kuznetsova, Oleksiy Oleynik, Yuri Hrytsenko, Igor Knyazev, Tetyana Taran, Oleg Efremov, Danyla Luberanskyi, Daria Glushko, who help with the design of books and content of the website.

I am infinitely grateful to the volunteers who help with the distribution of books, despite the fact that they themselves are in difficult conditions: Alyona Maksyuta, Sashko and Kateryna Lysko, Olena Symonenko, Iryna Nosachova

I sincerely thank the «Art-press» printing house, the «Orbita-YUG» publishing house, and the «Svitok» company, which provide us with discounts in this difficult time, and thus help us spend resources more efficiently.

Thank you to all partners who distribute our coloring books with humanitarian aid, organize children's groups and conduct classes with children throughout Ukraine.

My special thanks to those who help with stationery. Children are very happy when they receive both a coloring book and a set of pencils or wax crayons, with which they can draw right away, without putting it off for later, sometimes out in the open, settling in the middle of the street on the asphalt while their parents stand in line for humanitarian aid.

Thanks also to those who encourage, give useful advice, who find time to write a review, and to those who help by spreading information about us.

Only together we manage to do useful and good work.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you...

Founder of ChildrenArts,
Paul Sikorsky