«Children For Kids» Project

The ChildrenArts initiative is launching a new project called «Children For Kids» (Children4kids).

The main goal of the project stays the same: to make free coloring books with interesting and fun activities in order to distract children from the harsh reality and to bring a bit of joy, fun, and creativity into their lives.

However, there is one difference:

Our team gets the real joy from creating our books, because this is the work we find very useful. Thanks to this project, our team now also has the opportunity to be distracted a little from the terrible events of today by focusing on creative processes. So, one day we had an idea: to offer the same chance for the older creative children (who draw well and compose poems or short interesting texts) to get involved in the process of creating the books!

We talked to the professionals and realized that the idea is even better than it seemed at the first glance!

Therefore, we decided to organize a contest among children, where we can select the best works with the help of the jury, and publish a series of small books, for free distribution, as usual. Of course, in that book, we will make sure to credit each one of the winning contributors, and provide the winners with a few copies. So, by participating in this contest, the future artist or poet will have a chance to receive a real printed book, with their name on the cover as the author. We believe, that such opportunity will inspire children to create, and the printed result will give young artists more confidence in their talents.

Terms of the contest

The following works are accepted for the contest:

Illustrations can be sent as a scanned image, a high-quality photo of a drawing made on paper (please, take a photo in bright light, keep your phone or camera as horizontal as possible to avoid distortion), or in other electronic format (jpg, png, tiff, psd, ai, eps). Drawings of any size are accepted. The recommended sizes are portrait A4 (210×297mm) and landscape A3 (420×297mm). Send any writing as a plain text, without formatting.

We offer the following topics for future books:

  • nature of Ukraine: landscapes, plants
  • animals of Ukraine: domestic and wild animals
  • exotic, fabulous, and fantastic animals
  • family, home, life, pets
  • friends, games, entertainment, group activities
  • hobbies, creativity, leisure
  • travel around Ukraine and the world, transport, recreation
  • work, professions
  • Ukrainian folk tales

You can also suggest your topic, we might add it to the list.

The books need to be designed for children from 3-4 up to 12-14 years old, so the activities can be quite diverse in the complexity, at the discretion of the contestant.

If, along with the entertainment, the activity promotes the development of additional skills, such as logical thinking, knowledge of language, mathematics, nature – this is a big additional plus.

It is also very good if the activity or illustration will promote a caring and respectful attitude to family, relatives, friends and the world around.

The number of submissions by one author is not limited.

We welcome creative school-age children to join our project, as well as the professionals who work with such children, such as the art school teachers and the leaders of literary clubs!

You can submit your works to children4kids@childrenarts.com.ua